Elite Training Kit

Elite Training Kit

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ELITE TRAINING KIT: Turn your dining room table into a card counting training center.

INCLUDES: All of our charts printed on glossy card stock, 6 decks of real (canceled) casino playing cards, a discard tray (for deck estimation), a 6 and 8 deck discard tray measurer (for insanely accurate deck estimation).

PLUS: Full size blackjack felt, 100 clay poker chips, Cut Card

Full Sized Blackjack Felt- Because it gets annoying quickly to have cards and chips sliding around your coffee table, everyone should practice playing on a felt. Contains 7 spots, so you can practice counting down a full table, or playing heads up.

100 Clay Poker Chips- Practice your betting strategy and get comfortable betting with real chips. The more comfortable you are with the bet spread, the more effective you will be in the casino.

Cut card- Useful for estimating how many cards the dealer is cutting off and practicing your penetration estimation.

Charts- All of our charts printed on glossy card stock, used to master basic strategy, and both S17 and H17 deviation charts.

6 decks- Authentic casino playing cards so you can play from a full 6 deck shoe, just like most casinos use.

Discard Tray- Learn to visualize your deck estimation and convert to true count with an authentic discard tray.

Discard Tray Measurer- Achieve insanely accurate deck estimation with our custom made measurer. We train players to estimate cards to the nearest 1/4 of a deck, making this an invaluable part of the training process.