Private Test Out W/ A Pro
Private Test Out W/ A Pro

Private Test Out W/ A Pro

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Book a private one-on-one test out with a Blackjack Apprenticeship Pro in your region!

In-Home Test-Out:

    • Two-hour session in a location provided by the pro.
    • Focus on testing as many shoes as possible within the timeframe.
    • Receive detailed feedback, highlighting mistakes and areas for improvement.

In-Casino Test-Out:

    • One hour of in-home testing followed by one hour in a nearby casino.
    • Observes your performance in a real casino environment.
    • Identifies how well you adapt to casino pressures beyond the controlled test-out setting.

Our pros are located in:

  • Pacific Northwest
  • Midwest (Ohio)
  • DMV
  • Northeast (Mass.)
  • Las Vegas
  • SoCal