Tales from the Felt: An Illustrated Anthology
Tales from the Felt: An Illustrated Anthology
Tales from the Felt: An Illustrated Anthology
Tales from the Felt: An Illustrated Anthology
Tales from the Felt: An Illustrated Anthology

Tales from the Felt: An Illustrated Anthology

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Proceeds from this book are being donated to Blackjack Hall of Fame Inc. a 501c3 that helps those affected by problem gambling.

In this beautifully illustrated coffee table book, 21 infamous card counters go on the record to share their first-person never-before-told tales of adventure, intrigue, and loneliness on the path to beating the game of blackjack.

Deluxe Edition ALSO Includes:

  • 3 bonus stories (available immediately) - Bonus stories by Steven Bridges, Loudon Ofton and LeviMich!
  • "18 Backoffs" bonus video - Exclusive video contains half a dozen (disguised) pros sharing their favorite casino backoff stories.
  • A limited edition print of a story illustration - Story illustration color print on high quality card stock. Frame it and put it on the wall next to your casino exclusion letters. 


About the Book

If you’ve ever wondered what unfolds in the day-in-day-out life of a professional blackjack player, Tales from the Felt features 21 of the most notorious card counters in the world recounting a memorable moment or experience. Willing to go on the record in their own words, they tell the real-life triumphs, tribulations and/or turning points that have stayed with them, equally thrilling and thoughtful.

Threatened by casinos, chased by police, cornered by loneliness—this book is about more than just big wins and high adventure. It is about the daily grind, managing expectations, wrestling with doubt and sadness, as well as the truly strange twists and turns that can arise for those who travel the road to beating casinos at their own game.

In the first exquisitely-illustrated anthology of its kind, advantage players step out of the shadows to speak to their own unique experiences in pursuit of legally beating the game of blackjack for millions of dollars. No two stories are alike, and the full range of emotions is on display. Each story is full of What-would-you-do(?) moments, brought to life by original full-color illustrations.

These stories will not disappoint—from big wins to big screw-ups, celebrity sightings, cheap motels, bad teammates, family curses, indigestion, entanglements with police, the mafia at home and abroad, loneliness, panic, late-night pizza and fine French pastries. It’s all here, suitable to display and share.

About the Authors

Tommy Hyland is a Blackjack Hall of Fame inductee whose chance encounter with a New Jersey politician led to protections for card counters that still exist today. Richard Munchkin is a Blackjack Hall of Fame inductee who went from dealing to counting in an origin story like no other. Max Rubin is a Blackjack Hall of Fame inductee who speaks to a vulnerable international incident from his storied career.

Josh Axelrad is the published blackjack author of Repeat Until Rich, with a comically dark vantage point on the daily grind. Nathanial Tilton once played a table when he was called out by a pit boss who had read his published book, The Blackjack LifeColin Jones, author of The 21st Century Card Counter and founder of Blackjack Apprenticeship gets real with a gut-busting tale of indigestion at the tables.

Contributors also include star of Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians Dusty Wisniew, high stakes card counter Joanna Henderson, AP blogger extraordinaire rxgamble, Church Team members Rich Braaksma and Brad Clark, “Most Notorious Card Counter in America” David Drury,  Guerrilla BP Grace Jones, as well as celebrated and longtime APs representing thousands of hours played and millions of dollars won—Joe748CartwrightSD1Stan PodolakRyemoHitA7SassyRed, and Byrnen D.T. House.